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Book Fairs

Dear Parents & Carers,

We are very excited to announce that we will be participating in the Scholastic Book Fair!

On November 3rd , the book fair will arrive at Jennett’s Park School. However, in order to keep everyone as safe as possible, we will not be able to invite parents into school this year to peruse our collection. Instead, we will be taking individual classes to visit the book fair, in morning and afternoon slots.

We are also offering parents the opportunity to view the pre-order form, to pre-order books from Scholastic, which will be delivered when the book fair arrives. This is a great opportunity to purchase some wonderful texts, due to the fact that when the book fair arrives in school, we only have limited stock of the books on the shelves. Here are our recommended reads:

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Day 1

deeta-suggests… handwriting-letter-formation-mat ks1-reading-challenge-1 parents-reading-questions phonics-reading wellbeing-journal-1 year-1-handwriting-1 year-1-maths-challenge-1 year-1-spelling-list year-1-word-problems-1 year-2-handwriting-1 year-2-maths-starter-1 year-2-mental-maths-1a year-2-mental-maths-1b year-2-spelling-list

Day 2

ks1-reading-challenge-2 phonics-reading spelling-1 wellbeing-journal-2 Y1-handwriting-2 Y2-handwriting-2 year-1-maths-challenge-2 year-1-maths-starter-2 year-1-mental-maths-1a year-1-mental-maths-1b year-2-maths-challenge-2 year-2-word-problems-1 year-2-writing-starter-2

Day 3

year-1-maths-challenge-3 year-1-word-problems-2 year-1-writing-starter-3 year-2-maths-challenge-3 year-2-maths-starter-3 year-2-mental-maths-2b ks1-reading-challenge-3 phonics-reading wellbeing-journal-3 Y1-handwriting-3 Y2-handwriting-3

Day 4

ks1-reading-challenge-4 phonics-reading spelling-2 wellbeing-journal-4 Y1-handwriting-4 Y2-handwriting-4 year-1-maths-challenge-4 year-1-maths-starter-4 year-1-mental-maths-2a year-1-mental-maths-2b year-2-maths-challenge-4 year-2-writing-starter-4

Day 5

ks1-reading-challenge-5 phonics-reading wellbeing-journal-5 Y1-handwriting-5 Y2-handwriting-5 year-1-maths-challenge-5 year-1-maths-starter-5 year-2-maths-challenge-5 year-2-mental-maths-3a year-2-mental-maths-3b year-2-word-problems-2 year-2-writing-starter-5

Day 6

ks1-reading-challenge-6 phonics-reading spelling-3 wellbeing-journal-6 Y1-handwriting-6 Y2-handwriting-6 year-1-maths-challenge-6 year-1-mental-maths-3a year-1-mental-maths-3b year-1-writing-starter-6 year-2-maths-challenge-6 year-2-maths-starter-6 year-2-word-problems-3

Day 7

ks1-reading-challenge-7 phonics-reading wellbeing-journal-7 Y1-handwriting-7 Y2-handwriting-7 year-1-maths-challenge-7 year-1-maths-starter-7 year-1-word-problems-3 year-2-maths-challenge-7 year-2-maths-starter-7 year-2-mental-maths-4a year-2-mental-maths-4b

Day 8

ks1-reading-challenge-8 phonics-reading spelling-5 wellbeing-journal-8 Y1-handwriting-8 Y2-handwriting-8 year-1-maths-challenge-8 year-1-mental-maths-4a year-1-mental-maths-4b year-1-writing-starter-8 year-2-maths-challenge-8 year-2-maths-starter-8 year-2-word-problems-4

Day 9

ks1-reading-challenge-9 ks1-reading-challenge-9b ks1-reading-challenge-9c phonics-reading wellbeing-journal-9 Y1-handwriting-9 Y2-handwriting-9 year-1-maths-challenge-9 year-1-mental-maths-5a year-1-mental-maths-5b year-1-word-problems-4 year-1-writing-starter-9 year-2-maths-challenge-9 year-2-mental-maths-5a year-2-mental-maths-5b year-2-writing-starter-9

Day 10

ks1-reading-challenge-10 phonics-reading spelling-9 wellbeing-journal-10 Y2-handwriting-10 year-1-maths-challenge-10 year-1-maths-starter-10 year-1-mental-maths-6a year-1-mental-maths-6b year-2-maths-challenge-10 year-2-mental-maths-6a year-2-mental-maths-6b year-2-writing-starter-10