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Home Learning Themes

Email your work to school@jennettspark.bracknell-forest.sch.uk

Each week we will have a new home learning theme to help you at home. These mainly tie in with the Window Wanderland campaign running.  Please send in work from home for our gallery.

In Spain there is a movement called #frommywindow. All children are encouraged to put pictures of their arts and crafts in their windows so that when they go for a walk (not in groups) they can look at the work of other children and keep up the good spirit.

The message behind the craft is that “everything will be OK”.

We would like to start this in Jennett’s Park.

Please take time to make a  themed picture to put up in your window. Then when safe go out for your daily  walk and see if you can see any around the estate.

Feel free to share this with anyone living on the estate and lets fill JP with art



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