Phonics Statement


Our vision for all children is for them to experience ‘life in all its fullness’. In order to enable our children to access and engage effectively with the world around them, we must teach them the skills necessary to be a good reader. A key aspect of being able to read the words on a page is decoding the sounds made by the letters of the alphabet. In order to build secure blending and segmenting skills, children must be fully immersed in a strong foundation of early-phonics in their early years (Nursery and Reception) and experience an effectively taught synthetics phonics curriculum in their Reception year and Year 1.

We have a very successful track record teaching Phonics effectively to children at Jennett’s Park CE Primary School. We prioritise the development of children’s listening and attention skills and their auditory and memory skills, teaching and exploring rhythm, rhyme, song and story throughout the Early Years. We use the Phase 1 aspect of Letters and Sounds, alongside Development Matters in the EYFS, to inform our planning. As children begin to tune into and discriminate the individual sounds around them, so they are able to hear the sounds made by the letters of the alphabet.

Daily synthetic phonics lessons begin in Reception and we use Read Write Inc resources to help support our children as they learn to hear, say, read and write sounds and words, captions and sentences. During these sessions children practise speed sounds, oral blending and segmenting, and then have the opportunity to apply these skills in reading and writing. Phonics lessons are fast-paced and repetitive in order to introduce, recall and embed learning. Children are regularly assessed and      re-grouped according to their next steps so that they always receive targeted teaching.