Admission to School, 2020-2021

If you made an on-time application for a school place academic year 2020/2021, you should now have received your offer. Congratulations to everyone who received an offer for their first-choice school. We hope you are all happy with your allocations.

If you are due to be starting at Jennett’s Park CE Primary School in September – we are very pleased to welcome you to our school community. We will be in touch, by letter, in the near future. In the meantime, to help us, please make sure the information Admissions at Bracknell holds about you (particularly address and telephone number) is up-to-date. Thank you.

What do you need to do next?

Please make sure you accept a school place for your child before the deadline – Thursday 30th April 2020.

What if we have been offered a school place we don’t want?

Our advice is always to accept the school place you have been offered, even if this is not at your preferred school. If you do not do this, you risk not having a school place for your child in September. If you do not want your child to go to the school you have been offered, make sure you stay on the waiting list for your chosen school. There is always a high level of movement on the school lists between the offer and acceptance dates, and then again to the start of the year.

What happens after 30th April?

There is a second round of admissions, which includes allocating late applicants and children on waiting lists, where there are spaces. Schools receive a ‘final’ list (which can and does still change). Schools will then make contact with the families on their list.

If you have any questions or concerns about admissions, please contact myself, Jennifer Allen (EYFS Lead/Acting Deputy) or Corrina Lane, who looks after Admissions at Jennett’s Park. The email address for this is



Deciding which is the right school to apply to for your child’s education is very important. We are a growing school right in the centre of Jennett’s Park housing development.

As a Voluntary Aided school, all admissions into our nursery classes are made by the governing body against clear admissions criteria, which is available in our Nursery Admissions Policy 2019-20.

For admissions into our Reception classes and all other year groups within the school, we work closely with Bracknell Forest Council who manage the process of application in line with our School Admissions Policy.

The admissions arrangements for the academic year 2020/2021 and 2020/2022 have now been agreed by the governing body and can be found in the Admissions Policy 2020-21 and Admissions Policy 2021-22

Unfortunately, attendance, or sibling attendance in school, does not guarantee a place in the nursery or main school.


For 2019/20 we have 52 nursery places (26 morning and 26 afternoon sessions). We do still have a few afternoon spaces, please contact the school office for more information.

We are now also accepting applications for 2020/21.

Nursery Admissions Policy 2020/21

Nursery Application Form 2019-2020

Nursery Application Form 2020-2021


Timetable for Applications

If your child is born on or between Applications to be made to the school by They are eligible for a free part-time
place in the term following their third
1 April and 31 August 2017 Please contact the school office Autumn Term (September) 2020
1 September and 31 Dec 2017 26 June 2020 Spring Term (January) 2021
1 January and 31 March 2018 27 November 2020 Summer Term (April) 2021


The above table indicates the time scales for parents making applications to schools for a part-time place in the term following
their third birthday.

We arrange regular tours of our Nursery with our Early Years Leader Miss Allen. Please contact the school office to book your place or to receive an application form.


Oversubscription criteria

Our Nursery is very popular and is over-subscribed with a waiting list in place that is updated regularly.  Whilst we try to meet parental preferences regarding morning or afternoon sessions, we cannot guarantee these.  Where there is over-subscription, we give priority according to our published criteria in our Nursery Admissions Policy.

Applications received after the closing date will be considered as late applications and discussed at the next timetabled Governors Admissions Committee, which usually take place in September, January, May and June.


Please note that there is no established appeals process for the Nursery class, and numbers are strictly limited due to Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Welfare Requirements.

Primary school:

For 2020/21 we have places for:  60 children in Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 and Year 6. Tours with the Head teacher or Leadership team are available and places can be booked via the school office.

The Application process for Reception 2021 admissions has now begun. You can now log your child’s details with the Schools Admissions Team. You can register your child’s details here

  • DOB range for admissions to Reception starting September 2021 is; 01 September 2016 – 31 August 2017
  • Applicants must apply to their home local authority no matter what school they wish to apply for
  • Applications open on 5th November 2020 and close on 15th January 2021

How to apply

We work with Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) as part of the Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme. This means that it manages and administers the admissions process.

If you wish to apply for a Reception place in our school, then please Click Here

Should you need to contact School Admissions, their details are:

School Admissions Team
Time Square
Market Street
RG12 1JD

Tel: 01344 354023
Fax: 01344 353258


Oversubscription criteria

Please read our admissions policies very carefully and ensure you understand the oversubscription criteria. Please also make sure you meet all published closing dates; failure to do so will mean your application will be considered after all other ‘on time’ applications. The designated area for admission to Jennett’s Park can be viewed here.


There is an established appeals process if you are refused a place in the main Primary school (all classes except Nursery). The Diocese manage our appeals and you should contact the school directly for an Appeals Pack. Unfortunately the School is not able to discuss any appeal with you or advise you in any way.

Schools Admissions Appeals Timtable

Secondary school:

The Application process for secondary school admissions (Year 6 children) for September 2020 opens on 12th September 2019. Applications close on 31st October 2019.

  • DOB range for admissions to secondary school starting September 2020 is; 01 September 2008 – 31 August 2009
  • Applicants must apply to their home local authority no matter what school they wish to apply for
  • Detailed information is available from: