Vision, Values and Aims

Our vision as a school, is to have every child achieving their greatest potential academically, socially and spiritually.

To achieve this, we work with our children in building their confidence as well as developing their ability to challenge themselves and see that they can be more than they think they can be.

We aim to develop enquiring minds, a high self-esteem and a true feeling of self-worth, helping everyone to feel valued for their individual and collaborative contributions.

Everyone is given an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of school life and we help all the children to prepare for their next steps in their life-long learning journey, by developing their abilities to experiment, investigate, take risks, challenge and make informed choices.

Our Values

Our Rainbow Promise is integral to everything that we and our children do, believe in and strive to be at school.

It promotes the Fundamental British Values (FBV) on a daily basis and teachers actively promote these through a variety of specific activities.

The values which form part of this Rainbow Promise and which we all choose to display in our everyday behaviour are:


Our place in the community

We want to work with our local community to develop and live the Christian values of mutual respect, reconciliation and forgiveness as we meet the challenges of life at school, in the local community and beyond.