Our team of office staffActing Headteachers: Miss Carla Szadowski and Mr Mark Williams
Assistant Headteacher: Miss Jennifer Allen and Mr David Page

Chair of Governors: To be confirmed
Clerk to Governors: Mrs Penny Thompson

Nursery Teacher: Miss Jennifer Allen (EYFS Phase Leader) and Miss Amy Claridge
Nursery Nurse: Miss Lisa Baker
Nursery Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Trish Waites

Reception Robins Class Teacher: Mrs Sharon Bruce / Mrs Gemma Robinson
Reception Woodpeckers Class Teacher: Mrs Claire Dhillon
Reception Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Emma Cole and Miss Bobby Killick

Year 1 Stonechats Class Teacher: Mr Neil Symons-Chan
Year 1 Whinchats Class Teacher: Mrs Jay Little
Year 1 Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Lorena Allen

Year 2 Canaries Class Teacher: Miss Carla Szadowski (KS1 Phase Leader) and Mrs Anne Duncan
Year 2 Yellowhammers Class Teacher: Miss Lois Maxwell
Year 2 Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Karen Cooper and Mrs Claire Treviss

Year 3 Green Jays Class Teacher: Mrs Sarah Hughes and Mrs Theresa Brain
Year 3 Parakeets Class Teacher: Mrs Sharon Agbaje and Mr Jez Cook
Year 3 Learning Support Assistants: Mr Joe Clark and Mrs Jen Grand

Year 4 Kingfishers Class Teacher: Miss April Woods
Year 4 Macaws Classteacher: Miss Curlyn Britton
Year 4 Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Linda Doyle, Miss Liz King and Mrs Tania Malyon

Year 5 Mockingbirds Class Teacher: Mrs Joy Venediktou
Year 5 Peacocks Class Teacher: Mrs Natasha Sibley and Mrs Christiane Deauville
Year 5 Learning Support Assistant: Miss Angela Lopez

Year 6 Sabrewings Class Teacher: Mr David Page (KS2 Phase Leader)
Year 6 Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Louise Ballard

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator: Mrs Sarah Hughes
Family Support Worker: Mrs Alison Greenwood

School Business Manager: Mrs Jo Morgan
Finance Officer: Mrs Meral Chambers

School Secretary / Receptionist: Mrs Nicole Keen
School Secretary / Receptionist: Mrs Corinna Lane

Site Controller: Mr Gary Plumley