Governor’s Information

Current governors

Name Category Appointed by Term of office start date Term of Office end date Committees Position
Simon Gibson Parent Parent election 9 Jan 14 8 Jan 18 SMC, SOC, Pay Chair of Gov
Rob Price Parent Parent election 9 Jan 14 8 Jan 18 SMC, SOC, SAC, Pay Vice of Governors
Jamie Adams Authority Local Authority 3 Mar 14 2 Mar 18 SOC, SAC, Pay

Vice of SOC

SEND & PPG Governor

Terri Naylor Staff Staff election
Jo Evans Headteacher Governing Body 1 Mar 15 All
Guy Cole Ex-officio Diocese 1 Dec 11


20 Sep 15

Joe Keefe Foundation Diocese 1 Jul 14 30 Jun18 SMC, SOC Chair of SMC
Faith Kirby Foundation Diocese 17 Oct 14 16 Oct 18 SOC
Graham Oakley Foundation Diocese 20 Nov 13 19 Nov 17 SMC, SOC, SAC Chair of Governors Chair of SOC
Nick Roworth Foundation Diocese 1 Dec 15 30 Nov15 SMC Develop-ment Governor
Robin Sharples Foundation Diocese 19 May 15 18 May 19 SOC Chair of Governors
Jo Wakeling Foundation Diocese 27 Aug 14


24 Nov 15

Peter Bestley Ex-officio Diocese 21 Sep 15 SMC


SMC – School Management Committee

SOC – Strategic Overview Committee

SAC – School Admissions Committee

Pay – Pay Committee

Governors can be contacted via Penny Thompson, the Clerk to the Governing Body at

Jennett’s Park School Governors Register of Interests 2015/16

As from September 2015, governing bodies are under a legal duty to publish the register of interests for Governors and Associate Members on their website.  The following interests have been declared:


Name Position Interest /  organisation Nature of Interest Date interest was registered
Jamie Adams Authority Nil Nil
Terri Naylor Staff Nil Nil
Peter Bestley Ex-officio

Parish of Easthampstead, Church

NHS / Community & Mental Health Provider








Aug 2007




April 2004

Jo Evans Headteacher Nil Nil
Simon Gibson Parent Nil Nil
Joe Keefe Foundation Taylor Wimpey


Building Inspector

Oct 2015
Faith Kirby Foundation Nil Nil
Graham Oakley Foundation Nil Nil
Rob Price Parent Nil Nil
Nick Roworth Foundation Nil Nil
Robin Sharples Foundation

Bradfield Primary School

Vale Academy Trust




May 2013


May 2014

Jo Wakeling Foundation Nil Nil
Penny Thompson Clerk to the Governors

Easthampstead Park Community School

The Pines School

Clerk to the Governors




Nov 2007



March 1992

The information is taken from the Register of Business Interests.

Nil indicates nothing to declare

Date completed:   20 October 2015


 Jennett’s Park Governing Body record of attendance at meetings academic year 2014-15

Number of meetings



Number of meetings to attend



Maria Soulsby (HT until Easter 15) 10 13 77
Jo Evans (HT after Easter 15) 6 6 100
Simon Gibson 15 16 94
Rob Price  (Vice Chair) 17 20 85
Jamie Adams 12 17 71
Lucy Brown 10 13 77
Guy Cole 5 9 56
Joe Keefe 14 16 88
Faith Kirby 9 11 82
Graham Oakley  (Chair) 20 20 100
Nick Roworth 10 10 100
Jo Wakeling 8 13 62


  1. Possible number of meetings includes those of the Full Governing Body plus committee meetings where the individual is a member
  2. Only committee meetings where the individual is a member have been counted.
  • Additional attendances if invited as a non-member to a meeting, have not been counted eg All members of the FGB are invited to School Management Committee meetings but do not have to send Apologies if not attending.
  1. Headteacher recruitment meetings have not been counted
  2. Performance Management panel meetings have not been counted