Our Rainbow Promise

In this school we all swim togetherOur Rainbow Promise is very important to us and underpins all that we do – and aim to do – here in our school.

Our children live and learn by the Rainbow Promise and each value can be seen in the way that the children work alongside each other, collaborate and support each other and care for each and everyone like a family. We expect all members of our school family to share in the promise to love and care for one another in the best way we can.

Our school badge shows a rainbow and a dove. The rainbow reflects our promise just as God sent Noah a rainbow as a sign of his promise. The dove, as a symbol of peace, reflects our local community and our school is committed to serving and being at the heart of the local community.

“A strength of this good school is ‘The high profile of the ‘Rainbow Promise’ that impacts on the attitudes, behaviour and achievements of all children and enables teachers to provide an effective, enjoyable and successful learning environment.” SIAMS October 2014