Ofsted & SIAMS Reports


Jennett’s Park CE Primary School opened as a new Academy on 1st June 2017 under The Bonitas Trust Multi-Academy Trust. We await our forthcoming visit.


Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

As a Church of England school, we are visited and inspected by SIAMS. The aim of this inspection is to evaluate the extent to which church schools are “distinctively and recognisably Christian institutions”. It focuses on the effect that the Christian ethos of the school has on the children who attend it and

Our last SIAMS Inspection took place in October 2014 and we were graded as ‘Good’ overall, and ‘Outstanding’ at meeting the needs of all learners. The full SIAMS report can be accessed here but here are the headlines:

  • Children know that they are all valued and cared for by the adults in school, each as an individual, happy, safe and secure.
  • Their behaviour is excellent.
  • This commitment to individual needs is seen in the school’s improved performance… all children are making good progress
  • Children are confident and readily talk about their teachers who they describe as ‘marvellous people who want us to learn’.
  • The Headteacher has a passionate Christian commitment to serve the community and ensure that all children are challenged and supported to achieve their potential.
  • The governors recognise ‘the amazing development that has enabled the school to realise its potential as a distinctive church school.’
  • Teachers understand that they ‘can form strong professional bonds with children and feel encouraged to develop creative ways of teaching’.
  • Staff recognise the impact of the promise on their responsibility to nurture pupils, who know they safe and want to learn, to achieve their potential.
  • Parents recognise the love and care of the school. They are proud of the school and its impact on the academic and personal development of their children.